Conscious Girlfriend is the #1 global leader in dating and relationship support for lesbians and queer women. Women from 18 countries have taken our classes! In this crisis time, we’re coming together as a community to learn and connect, share compassion and tools, and support each other. If not now, when?

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What Our Members Say

Julie Bjelland 

Psychotherapist & founder of the Sensitive Empowerment Community

I often send clients to Conscious Girlfriend and have seen it transform women's lives. The classes are comprehensive, usable, and have integrity and heart.


(age 64)

Your work has been truly life-changing, and you can quote me on that! Helping me move from such a stuck place into hope and optimism was a huge task! Your wisdom and experience served me well. I feel blessed that you are in my life.


(age 47)

I was one of those women over 40 that wondered if finding the right woman at this age was even possible. I can now happily report that using your tools and techniques in their workshop really helped me find the relationship of my dreams.  Every day I share my life with this amazing woman who feels like just the right match.


(age 29)

I’m so happy I took your courses when I did. Dating has been so much easier! I've been able to say yes and no in ways that feel totally right and, likely without coincidence, have been meeting women who better fit the profile of someone I'd want to be with.


(age 46)

Thank you for creating the holistic approach of Conscious Girlfriend. It has really moved, supported and encouraged me. I don’t have words for how deeply grateful I am. There has been an incredible healing in my relationship with myself.


(age 66)

I’m noticing that the women coming into my life are much healthier! I can already see a difference. In the past I haven’t had a good “picker.” Now I’m learning how to look for what I need, and also be more conscious of the other person’s needs. It’s amazing. Thank you!

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